Eurofactor AG changes its legal form into GmbH and presents itself with a new corporate logo

The legal form of Eurofactor AG has been changed in July 2015, the company is renamed as Eurofactor GmbH.

To better identify “Eurofactor”  with the Crédit Agricole Group, Eurofactor presents itself with a redesigned logo. The new logo incorporates the “Eurofactor” brand, which is well established since 50 years in the factoring markets and associates it with the “CA” symbol of the Crédit Agricole Group, one of the leading European banks and the No.1 retail bank in France.

The newly designed brand reflects the importance of factoring within the Crédit Agricole Group and the strong identification of Eurofactor with its French parent company, Crédit Agricole SA.

Along with the new logo the entire communication of Eurofactor GmbH is dressed in fresh colours, rounding up the new presence of the Eurofactor brand.